software testing

Course Description

Software Testing

It is one of the important testing phases in all software development fields. It is there to define the testing actions for subordinate’s testers with the help of test engineers. All tasks of test development make’s the status report of testing actions.  They required the latest interactions with consumers by updating assignment manager commonly about the development of testing activities. Testing engineers, Quality Assurance testers, Quality Control testers are responsible for all the testing phase which will be required at every step of the development of the project. To read and customize all the documents and understand what needs to be tested. Based on the info acquired in the above step decide how it is to be tested. All of these activities are taught in our session of software testing training. We are also offering job placement after the completion of our courses.


What you will learn

  • Live development
  • End to end software testing training involved
  • Development content designing
  • Practical asks at the end of all conference
  • Practical education experience with live project work and samples
  • Resume preparation guidance for testing
  • Software Testing Interview Queries and Preparation Tips
  • Study of Tools like JIRA, and Bugzilla
  • Software Testing Certification Guidance