Business data analyst

Course Description

Business Data Analyst

In business data analyst course you will learn how to analyze business data and can extract the useful information from it that can help the organization to take an efficient and effective decision. The business data analysis is a progression of reviewing, transforming, purging the data with the goal of discovering cooperative information. Conclusions are then drawn from this relevant information which catalyzes the process of decisions making. Data analysis has multiple aspects and approaches; it encompasses various techniques under a variety of names and other details while getting used in several businesses. In today’s business, data analysis playing a role model in making decisions and helping the business to achieve efficient operation. A Business Data Analyst’s occupation is to get the data, analyze it, and extract hidden patterns or useful knowledge from data which can help organization to take a better business decision. Contact Us for Business Analyst Job Placement in PA Or Online Training Course.


What you will learn

  • Introduction to Data Analyst
  • Excel Power Skills
  • Applied Excel for Statistical Analysis
  • Applied Excel for Better Business Decisions
  • Applied Statistics for Data Scientists
  • Data Life Cycle Management
  • Splunk Boot Camp